Our Capabilities

Upstate Niagara Cooperative provides our partners with the support they need to be successful in their private label or co-packing initiatives. From innovative product formulation capabilities to unmatched attention to quality on our farms and in our plants, to dedicated customer relations and a distribution map across the country, we have the experienced team and technology to provide you with the people and processes to get your products in front of more customers.

Manufacturing Facilities

As we continue to grow to expand our capabilities to meet our customers’ needs, we continue to invest in our facilities to ensure we are able to continually offer the product assortment that consumers are looking for.

Specialty Beverage Plant

Batavia, NY

Specialty and Milk Balancing
Fluid/Ice Cream Facility

Buffalo, NY

Fluid and Ice Cream
Cultured Facility

North Lawrence, NY

Fluid Facility

Rochester, NY

Fluid/Ice Cream Facility

Williamsport, PA

Fluid and Ice Cream
Cultured Facility

West Seneca, NY

Syracuse Plant

Syracuse, NY

Batavia Plant

Batavia, NY


Product Lines

Upstate Niagara has the facilities and processes in place to offer customers with a full line of products to fill their dairy case:

  • Yogurt
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Frozen Desserts
  • Other Products
  • Conventional or Organic
  • Nonfat, Lowfat, or Whole Milk
  • Fruit On the Bottom or Blended
  • Traditional or Greek
  • Sizes from 4oz cups to totes
  • Multi-pack options: Form Fill & Seal or Overwrap Sleeve
  • Kids Yogurt
  • Club and Variety Packs
  • Nonfat, Lowfat, or 4% Fat
  • Small Curd or Large Curd
  • Flavors Available
  • Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix
  • Custard Mix
  • Frozen Yogurt Mix
  • Shake Mix
  • Whipped Topping
  • Sour Cream
  • Refrigerated Dip
  • Fluid Milk
  • Flavored Milk
  • Buttermilk
  • Creams
  • Egg Nog

Custom Product Formulation

Our experienced in-house research and development team uses a state-of-the-art pilot plant to quickly simulate large scale production and efficiently generate learnings. And we don’t create new formulations based on what we want to make; we do everything based on current food trends and consumer demand. Our experience and dedication has led to fortification, pre and probiotics, various ethnic yogurt styles and uses, innovative flavors and several food attributes such as tartness and texture that keep our partners on-trend.

Private Label

You put your customers’ satisfaction first. Which is why we offer our fresh, award-winning dairy products you can package as your own. With experience providing some of the nation’s largest, most trusted brands with high-quality dairy, Upstate Niagara is more prepared than ever to partner with you and grow your private label sales.

Here at Upstate Niagara, we nourish life. This is our Purpose, and because we are a farmer-owned Cooperative, we carry the values from the farm into every part of our business. Farmers tend to think in generations, and some of our farms have been run by the same families for as many as seven generations. The honor and responsibility of keeping these traditions alive for generations to come are why we put so much care into the quality of our products and service, and our responsiveness to the market. Whether through food, paycheck, community, or support, all of us at Upstate Niagara come together to nourish every life we touch.

Co-packing Capabilities

Upstate Niagara Cooperative has advanced processing and manufacturing capabilities, and an expert team to partner with any brand looking to enter into the rapidly-evolving dairy category. We are poised to work with you and add value with our vast experience in co-packing.

Bulk Milk Products

Did you ever wonder what makes some of your favorite dips, dressings, sauces, cheeses and ice creams taste so good? It starts with delicious dairy. In addition to utilizing our milk to manufacture our own dairy products, we also sell our fresh, high-quality raw and pasteurized milk to other businesses in bulk. This milk is used by some of the most recognizable brands in the United States as an ingredient in their own products.