Our Family Farms

Our Family Farms

Meet Our Farmers

The success of our cooperative starts with the passion and dedication of our farmer-owners to work hard every single day to produce the highest-quality milk. As we like to say, milk really is our life’s work!

Colby Homestead Farms

Spencerport, New York

Maverick Farm

Lockport, New York

Ranway Farms

Marion, New York

Flint Dairy Farm

Warsaw, New York

Spring Hope Dairy

Clifton Springs, New York

Orleans Poverty Hill Farms

Albion, New York

Hibsch Farm

Strykersville, New York

Anderson Farm

Avon, New York

Richmond Dairy Farm

North Collins, New York

Wilean Farms

East Otto, New York

Where We Farm

This map illustrates the locations of our member farms.

Tradition Meets Technology

Our farmer-owners use a variety of technological advances on their farms to assist in the production of milk, such as a robotic milking system or a state-of-the-art carousel. Our farmers also use technology on a daily basis to assist in the efficient day-to-day maintenance of their farms. Upstate Niagara Cooperative’s commitment to technology also makes cow care more efficient. Cows’ eating habits and overall health can be tracked with RFID collars and ear tags, which provide farmers and veterinarians with valuable analytics on treatment methods and nutrition.

We Care For Those Who Care For Us

Upstate Niagara Cooperative advocates for the well-being of our members’ dairy herds. Happy cows produce the best milk, which is why we work with our farmers to promote best practices and support continuous improvements in animal well-being. The Cooperative has memberships to several trade councils that work tirelessly toward safer animal care. These include the NMPF Animal Health & Well-Being Committee, Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) and the New York State Cattle Health Assurance Program (NYSCHAP).

See How We Care
for Our Cows